The Mount Desert Oceanarium is located on Route 3, the road to downtown Bar Harbor. Look for it on the left about a mile after you drive onto Mount Desert Island.

Admission to Tou
r Programs is by reservation only. To reserve spots, call 207-288-5005.

The Oceanarium will be open again in late May.

PRICES: Adults
, $12; Children 4 to 12, $8; Children Under 4, FREE.

Don't miss the Oceanarium's unique two-part, hour-long Tour Program.

David and Audrey Mills, owners and operators of the Mount Desert Oceanarium in Bar Harbor, Maine, are wonderful teachers. This is what they love to do. For more than 45 years they have been familiarizing visitors with ocean lore, with an emphasis on the extraordinary creatures known as lobsters.

People from all over the country have come to Mount Desert Island with plans to visit the Oceanarium topping their agendas. Cruise ships from all over the world drop anchor at Bar Harbor, and many passengers once dispatched are bussed directly to the Oceanarium.

They are make to feel very much to home, and many have said they wished they could stay the entire day.

Assisting David and Audrey in the second half of the hour-long program is Bill Krenicki, an authority on the fascinating life-cycles of lobsters. He makes the subject, well, come alive as he describes the countless dangers larvae endure on their way to becoming full-fledged lobsters.
David, Audrey, and Bill all chip in humorous asides to their inputs, adding bits of mirth to what could be a dry subject.

Concluding the program, Bill shows a Department of Marine Resources video featuring the Oceanarium's inventive means of delivering baby lobsters safely to the ocean floor. Research had shown that the vast majority of fresh hatchings dumped off the side of a boat were gobbled up by predictors before ever reaching the bottom. The folks at the Oceanarium devised a means of getting them there safely through a long tube dragged across the ocean floor.

The folks at the session I attended all seemed completely satisfied with the program and would have been pleased to stay longer.